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Innovative Business Solutions
Now, finally, your company can get help with its Accounts Receivables! We can help with:
  • Calling your clients that are behind, asking for due payments.
  • Printing and mailing invoices, statements, requests for payments, etc. for you.
  • Doing marketing on your behalf, increasing sales and client awareness.
  • Sending notices to your clients about new products, new policies, new hours, new locations, general reminders, etc.
  • Allowing you and your employees to access information ONLINE regarding YOUR COMPANY:
  • Balances: total, by client and by aging

  • Activity: total and by client

  • Statements, invoices and payments

  • Client information

  • Orders made by clients online

  • Allowing YOUR CLIENTS to access their own information about their business with your company:
  • Activity

  • Balance

  • Statements by month

  • Invoices and payments made

  How will this service benefit YOUR COMPANY?

  • It will reduce your company's DSO average and invoices over 60/90.
  • It will allow you to concentrate on running your business, without having to worry about administrative issues, knowing that there's a professional company behind looking after your company's interests.
  • It will improve your relationship with your clients.
  • It will increase your cash flow and strengthen your bottom line.
  • It will dramatically reduce paperwork.
  • It will give you an EDGE over the competition.

How will this service benefit YOUR CUSTOMERS?

  • It will allow them to see their activity with your company online, thus eliminating questions about how much they owe and why.
  • They can view and print invoices, statements, etc, immediately.
  • It will allow them to place orders online.
  • It will add another venue of communication between them and your company.

How much will this service cost your company monthly? Probably much less than what you would expect. To request a no obligation PRICING QUOTE, click here  <===>.

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