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- Increased cash flow is very nice, don’t get me wrong, but the savings in time, paperwork and personnel that were dedicated to this function was extremely costly to our company. Those people are now back to doing the jobs that we hired them for, not making telephone calls, writing letters and checking with the banks. Thanks, HFF Capital!            Terri L, Green Brook, NJ

 - I only wish I had heard of you guys earlier! Great service! Even my clients like using the system! Keep up the great work!     Alex W, Yonkers, NY

 - We would like to take this opportunity to commend your firm on the level of professionalism and effectiveness exhibited on behalf of this office. Your staff has proven to be effective business partners providing with an invaluable service to this firm. We look forward to a continually productive relationship in the future. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.          Pat H, Parsippany, NJ

 - The power and innovation of your service is second to none, as far as we are concerned. Your program is sorely needed in our industry, in particular for small contracting firms like ours since we don’t have the resources to hire a large accounting department to handle our bookkeeping paperwork and all the late payers. Thanks!                 John J, West Lawn, PA

 - Now, finally, I can concentrate running my business, without having to worry about all these other ‘mundane’ issues that were taking all of my time. I can see my business growing from here. Thanks for showing me the light!        Adam V, West Palm Beach, FL

 - I just got out of a meeting with my manager and I am so pleased that I thought I would write you a note to thank you for your service to our organization. It appears that you and your staff are an integral part of our recent business accomplishments. I look forward to our continued success.   Mary S, Alhambra, CA

 - I thought it was my imagination, but it was confirmed by my accountant:  not only we were able to reduce our delinquent accounts significantly at a very low cost, but we are getting more business from our current clients as well. It looks like what you were saying all along was true: your service increased communication between us and our clients, and that has been reflected in an increase in sales. The results speak for themselves. Thank you!       Billy Bob R, Albany, NY

 - I just hope your services remain undiscovered for a little while longer, and that our competition doesn’t find out about you!       James H, New Brunswick, NJ