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A/R Services - Frequently Asked Questions
  • [0] General
  • [1] Calling Service
  • [2] Mailing Service
  • [3] Marketing Service
  • [0] General

    [0.0] Do I have to sign a long term contract if I want to use your service?

    No. There are no contracts to sign. You can start anytime, and you can cancel at anytime as well.

    [0.1] Will you ask me for credit card information?


    [0.2] How do I pay for your services?

    At the end of any given month we bill you for the services provided during that month. We expect prompt payment by check once you receive our bill. No advance payment is required. An exception to this is if you sign for the Marketing service by itself, we require 50% of the fee before we start the marketing campaign.

    [0.3] How do I sign up?

    Just call us or e-mail us at indicating which services and plan you have selected and we will set up an account for you with a user name and password for you to get started.

    [0.4] Once I start, how easy it is to cancel my services?

    Just send us an e-mail with 'Cancellation' in its title indicating that you want to terminate the program. You will be liable for a prorated amount for the fraction of the month you received the service.

    [0.5] How is your fee structured?

    There is a basic program for accessing your company's data through our Web Site. This is a flat amount. Besides this, there are programs for the 'Customer Calling' service and the 'Mailing' service. These programs' fees are also flat as long as a certain number of calls (or mailings) isn't exceeded. If it is, a per call (or mailing) is charged for those over the limit. There are 10, 50 and 100 calls (or mailings) plans.

    Finally, the 'Marketing' service fee is just based on the number of mailings made. It is also affected by the information each marketing mailing contains. Obviously, the more we have to stuff in an envelope, the more postage and handling expenses (which are covered by us) we will incur.

    [0.6] How many package plans do you have?

    Like it was explained on the previous question, there is one Basic package, 3 Calling packages, 3 Mailing packages and one Marketing package. These packages can be combined and they, in general, will be cheaper than if they were bought separately.

    [0.7] How much do these plans cost?

    Plans are tailored to your company's specific needs, so the best way to find this out is by filling out a quick Pricing Quote form, which can be found here.

    [0.8] Can I have the phone calling and/or the mailing services without the basic service?

    No. The Basic service is like a basic service from a phone or cable company. It has to be there always and it is needed to help provide any of the additional "Premium" services. For example, if you want to sign for the Customer Calling service, we would need to know which of your clients are behind and by how much money, what's their phone number, etc. That information is provided as part of the Basic service.

    On the other hand, you can request the Marketing service at any time without having to sign for the Basic service. The only caveat in this case is that we cannot send marketing (or informational) material to a list of your clients, since we wouldn't have that information available.

    [0.9] What kind of computer requirements are there to use your system?

    Windows 98 or later. We also strongly recommend the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later as your Internet browser.

    [0.A] You say that our clients can see their activity and balance with us through the use of your system. How that is done?

    We will provide to any of your clients that requests it (and if you approve it) a username/password combination that will allow them to access our system to view their activity with you that it's in our system: invoices, payments, statements, etc. They will be able to place orders with you as well. They will also be able to send messages to you regarding their activity or any other matter that they wish to communicate to your company.

    [0.B] Can our clients pay their bills with us online?

    Not right now. This is an additional feature that it's currently under development and will be available soon.

    [0.C] I already have a Web Site for my company. Can I add a menu option there to allow my clients to access their records?

    Yes, this can be done in most cases.

    [1] Calling Service

    [1.0] Which clients of ours that are behind in paying do you call and when?

    Once you open an account and select this service, you have to choose a criteria by which calls have to be made by our company. The bottom line: it's up to you.

    [1.1] I am busy running my business. Can I ask my clients to call your company regarding billing issues?

    Yes. It's up to you this as well. Also, in case we have to leave a message with somebody or with an answering machine, we can leave your phone number or ours. You decide.

    [1.2] How do we know who did you call and when in a given day (or week)?

    When you look at your clients' activity on the screen, there's a section called 'Notes'. Notes are information we leave for you regarding calls we made to your clients on your behalf. You, as a client, can leave Notes for us as well, either regarding a specific customer, or general questions or comments about the overall firm.

    [1.3] Are these collection calls?

    No. These are, generally, friendly reminders that there are some bills due that need to be taken care of. But we can be as friendly or as strong as our clients want us to be when calling their customers.

    [2] Mailing Service

    [2.0] When do you mail our invoices and statements?

    We mail invoices the same day or the following business day, depending on the time. If the 'invoice date' is a future date, the invoice will be mailed out on that date (or the first available business day, if it's a holiday or week-end).

    Statements go out at the end of the month, unless we are instructed differently by our client. We mail to accounts that have had activity during the month, or have a positive ending balance.

    [2.1] Can we or our clients print these items also from the Web Site?


    [2.2] Can I have you make some changes so they match the format of our own statements and invoices?

    Formatting issues can be taken care of, in most cases.

    [2.3] What else can you mail for us on a regular basis?

    A popular item that many clients want us to mail is request for payment notices. As soon as an invoice is due, and if no payment has been received yet, we mail a reminder that the bill is due, including details of the invoice, etc. This is tracked by our system and automatically mailed for the clients who have requested it.

    This can work by itself, or in conjunction with the Calling service. For example, a client might require us to mail a request for payment notice once a bill is due, and if no payment is received for 15 days afterwards, for example, we follow-up with a phone call.

    [3] Marketing Service

    [3.0] What mailing lists do you use for this service?

    We use infoUSA business leads. These leads are refreshed every 3 months, to guarantee them being as fresh as possible.

    [3.1] Can we select a geographic location or industry to target, for example?

    Yes. Also, area code or business size for selection criteria.

    [3.2] Can you send information to our own clients on our behalf?

    If you have signed for the Basic service, we would have your clients on file and this can be done. You can select to send information to all your clients, or to a selected portion of them: for example, only clients with an open balance, or only clients with no activity for 3 months, etc.