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HFF Capital's Customer Internet Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how HFF Capital collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us on our site.

When consumers visit our Web site, we collect information in the following situations:

  • When the user opens an account with HFF Capital

  • When the user fills in an online form requesting more information about some of our services

  • When the user fills in an online form requesting pricing for one or several of our services

  • When the user sends us an e-mail with a comment or requesting more information

The information collected in the above situations will be kept confidential and won't be sold to any third party. In a number of cases, the data might be shared with a limited number of companies if there was specific need brought in by the information received. For example, some information on a funding request form might be shared with financial institutions only to the effect of determining if the required funding is feasible given the specifics of the particular request. Even in these cases, the name of the requesting company is kept confidential until the possibility of funding becomes strong.

The user information that is collected is the one voluntarily entered by the user by the means mentioned above. Besides this, in some very limited and very specific situations, HFF Capital will collect data about the user's environment at the time the information is sent, like the user's operating system or browser used. For example, if a user requests pricing for an Accounts Receivable services, HFF Capital needs to determine if this service will be available to the particular user in his/her given environment. This information is also kept for statistical purposes to determine the type of population overall that visits our site and thus be able to make it available to the most number of users.

Login In

When a user logins in into our system after opening an account to use our Accounts Receivable services, there is additional information about the user that is retrieved and kept. A log file is maintained with information about who has accessed the system and when, and any error messages received by a client is kept on a database for our customer support technicians to take a look at. Occasionally, an HFF Capital's customer service employee may contact the user to find out the circumstances that originated some of those events

As part of HFF Capital's Accounts Receivable services, all information voluntarily entered by a client is kept on HFF Capital's databases an it's used to fulfill its obligations under HFF Capital's agreement with the client. Such information will consist of business activity by the client, and also information about the client's customers. This information is kept confidential and it is not shared or sold to any third parties. Customers of HFF Capital's clients that are entered into the system will be contacted as part of the account receivable services contracted by the client, but not for any other reason.


HFF Capital will maintain some small amount of data in the user's computer, in the form of cookies. This information is used to determine the type of user it is, the  privileges it has and the type of profile information it requires in order to view and access the system in the manner selected by the user and approved by HFF Capital for such user.


If you are concerned about the information you send and receive from/to us, you can use our secure servers, which use a 128-bit encryption mechanism through one of the following URLs:

https://hffcapital.secure.powweb.com                      or

Our main site at http://hffcapital.com uses a standard encryption mechanism.


For any questions or comments about HFF Capital's Privacy Policy you can contact us by E-mail to:


or by regular mail to:

HFF Capital
Customer Support
555 North Ave Suite 6B
Fort Lee, NJ 07024