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Contract Financing

Purchase Order or Contract Financing is used to pay suppliers, laborers, or other intermediaries for goods or services, or to generate additional sales. The collateral, or ‘guarantee’ is a contract already signed with a client for a job to be done or already in progress. Given the strength of that collateral, the bank or financial institution will accept to fund the contractor of the project. Once the company finishes the job and is paid by its client, it repays the loan. In some instances, the contract payment is assigned to the bank, in which case the financial institution will get paid directly by the client.

The company receiving the proceeds of the loan can use those funds for working capital, that is, to pay for suppliers, labor and materials for the project, or to invest in other projects, thus increasing sales.

This type of financing will enable companies to take advantage of sales growth opportunities that are larger than they can finance internally. The focus is not necessarily on the balance sheet of the company, but rather the underlying transaction and its economic and commercial viability. With a purchase order or contract financing, corporations are no longer hindered by the lack of working capital to get deals done.

A company will need purchase order or contract financing when:

It requires expertise to handle the financing
It needs immediate cash to pay job-specific suppliers for raw materials
It needs cash to pay job-specific labor
It would like the opportunity to handle additional working capital
It needs a quick response to an immediate sales need
The company doesn't want to incur in additional credit risk
It wants to strengthen its cash flow position
It wants the opportunity to make additional profit

Contractors or Subcontractors

This form of financing can be used by both main contractors and subcontractors to pay suppliers, workers and for any other expenses the company might incur.


Take advantage of our experience in arranging business funding. Call us to discuss if purchase order or contract financing is an appropriate solution to your business capital requirements.

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