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Workers' Compensation Recovery Program


Our Guarantee: No refund, no fee.

Did you know that 80% of businesses are overcharged on their Workers' Comp insurance premium by 10 to 15%? We can recover the last three years of overcharges for your company, with no out of pocket cost. This is all we do. The savings on all future premiums are 10% to 15% of annual premiums and the coverage is never reduced or changed. We do not sell Insurance and you keep your same insurance company and the same agent. We are consultants for employers who desire to have their Workers’ Compensation policy reviewed and audited on an independent basis. This is an incredibly specialized field and we are extremely proud of our credentials. If you have no claims, that has no bearing upon the fact that you could still be overpaying by 10% to 15% according to national statistics. This is an established industry fact. We operate in all 50 states.

There is no cost out of pocket and no fee involved unless there is a refund. We will do the work and split the refund of only past overcharges. This is cash you would never have seen without our expertise and time. All future premium discounts of approximately 10% to 15% will be yours. Ten years of 12.5% average premium discounts should capture the attention of anyone. Sometimes risk managers are more concerned about their image and that is why the owners have to be involved.

If you believe that your insurance agent took the time to give you the best rates and the insurance company has your best interest at heart, then you are paying based on the opinion of only one insurance agent who is on commissions. The turn over rate is very high in this area of the Insurance arena and many of the agents are actually selling a wide variety of different insurance products. They frankly don’t have the hours in the day, the training or the knowledge or motivation needed to do the in depth audit you need for the proper rate. They are trained how to price it by the Insurance companies, and rarely do they have access to all the documents needed to make an educated calculation. Employers need an independent second opinion and a knowledgeable advocate representing their best interest and not the companies. Coverage doesn’t change and yes, you can keep the same agent who overcharged you originally. Risk managers have no bearing on the fact that 80% are being overcharged by 10% to 15% of annual premium. It is what it is. The bottom line is that we will do all the work once you fax to us our fee agreement.


Every state has its own bureaucracy when it comes to Workman’s Comp. Our auditors are experienced in every state’s individual laws and will review your policy for the following issues:

• Any recent changes in the Workers' Comp law.
• Rating bureau rules and regulatory changes.
• The over 700 different classifications for accuracy.
• Experience modification calculations.
• Audits.
• Misapplication of rates.

In addition, did anyone examine the possibility of human error or the omission of discounts that would reduce premiums and not affect coverage? There are unfortunately a lot of in house tricks of the trade that we know from being in this industry. Our experience is that the mistakes are not intentional and it is simply a matter of taking the time to have an experienced auditor to document and verify each overcharge. We know our job and you have absolutely nothing to lose by obtaining a second opinion. It is not personal; it’s just good business not to be overcharged unfairly. If we discover you have underpaid, then that info is given to you as strictly confidential. Here are some facts to consider:

• Insurance Auditors do not look for overcharges. Their job is to adjust estimated payroll to actual payroll.
• There are numerous savings plans that insurance companies do not tell you about.
• There is a wide assortment of discounts available to you that will not affect your coverage at all.
• There is a ton of discount premium info that is never seen by employers and it is not seen for a reason. Many times the agent is not even aware of them!
• Incorrect classification codes occur all the time, laws are constantly changing and the system is complex and confusing for a reason.

Workers’ Compensation is an outrageously complex system of calculations, options, discounts, interpretations and rules for a reason. If you went to the state for help, they would refer you to NCCI or a rating bureau, which is interrelated to the Insurance Carriers. The Dept. of Insurance defaults to NCCI in 37 states, and the NCCI is a creation of the Insurance Carriers. We will supply you with various magazine articles on this unfortunate situation.

Since there are very few checks and balances and the system is so complex, it is no wonder that overcharges occur 80% of the time. Who possibly would understand the math in the system enough to question the overcharges? If you do show the mistakes, the insurance companies just pay back the refund and keep overcharging the rest of the policyholders who are in the dark. Very few people have their own Independent Auditor who is an advocate for their best interest. Anyone who has worked on the inside for the Insurance Carriers will be the first to tell you that it is a bad situation at best.

Did you know that interpretation of classifications varies from state to state and from auditor to underwriter to other clerical people that handle an incredible number of files in a multi state territory with multiple jurisdictions?

It is routine for the Insurance Carrier to provide refunds. They want to correct mistakes because it is the right thing to do. Most agents want what is right for their clients. No one wants to overcharge for services, so it is a win/win situation. We operate on a no refund, no fee basis. If the documents are in order, it takes about 30 minutes of your time.

If you do not have the necessary documents we have found you can obtain them faster if you request them yourself. We will supply a letter for you to fax to your insurance company and by law they must respond with the requested copies for you. Fax one letter and let them do the work.

To get started simply send us the application below and we will fax our fee agreement to you. Once that is returned, your file will be opened. That's it! We will have the auditor call you and no onsite visits are required. We want to serve you in a polite and professional manner and the auditor will explain the simplicity of it all. Obtain the peace of mind that you are paying your fair share or receive a refund check. Either way you will win. Like hundreds of other companies, you are going to be thrilled to finally have an advocate that is on your side. He will be looking out for your best interest.

You can listen to all the people around you who say it is correct, or you can get someone who knows what he's talking about to give you the lowest price possible without affecting coverage.


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