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Factoring - Receivables Funding

HFF Capital helps corporations fulfill capital requirements by making their accounts receivables liquid.  Businesses can sell their receivables as soon as they are generated, thus raising cash immediately, rather than having to wait the 30-60 day period or more until customers pay.

There’s no extensive paperwork or collateral needed, and funds get transferred electronically to our client’s accounts

Factoring can improve a credit rating, improve the condition of a balance sheet, improve customer relations and increase the use of early discount's for payment on accounts payable. A primary benefit of factoring is that the cost is not an upfront expense, but an expense deducted from gross profit. Flexibility allows for opportunity and profit. And profit, in turn, can perpetuate a cycle of growth.

We are behind the scenes handling the paperwork. The business owner needs only to worry about business operations. Business owners may feel comfort in that their invoices are now liquid (instant cash), providing resilience against the "invisible drain" to a businesses financial stability.

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