Hamilton, Fulbright & Ford
A Division of HFF Capital

World-Wide Collections
and Debt Management Agency

Main Offices:
3299 Rt 46 E
Parsipanny, NJ 07054-6128
Tel: 1-866-220-4198 pin: 8860
E-Mail: Collections@HFFCapital.com

Commercial Collections Division



 Immediate Personal Service

 When your debtor has failed to respond to  your  previous col-
 lection efforts, this service will, at once, provide individualized
 analysis of  each account and implementation  of the fastest,
 most  efficient  method of  collection.   You  will  be  advised
 promptly of the results  of  our PERSONAL contact with your

 We combine our proven collection  letters  with phone calls
 and  personal  meetings  with your debtor to bring about pay-

 Free Demand Service

 No charges on payments made, and reported to us
 within 10 days. We will automatically proceed with Per-
 sonal Service upon expiration of the Free Demand Period for
 any unpaid balance. No account will be accepted for the
 Free Demand Period only.


 Contingent Upon Collection

 -  $100,000 and under -    25%
 -  over $100,000          -    20%

 These services are available except where prohibited. Ac-
 counts withdrawn or settled direct are subject to charges for
 the service the accounts are in at the time Hamilton, Fulbright     & Ford receives notice from Claimant or otherwise learns of
 such event. Merchandise accepted by a Claimant is consid-
 ered a direct settlement.

 Forwarding Service

 In the event it becomes necessary  to  forward your claim
 to an attorney, as your agent and as a convenience to you, we
 will send the account to a lawyer designated by you in the
 debtor's county,  or, where none is so dessignated, to an
 attorney whose name or firm appears in a recognized Law List,
 upon prevailing rates in the area. Special Authorization from
 you is required to file suit or to compromise any account.

When should a claim be submitted for collections?

Accounts are delinquent when they have not been paid in accordance with the company's terms. Up to 30 days past due is the prime collection period and early contacts will give the maximum chance of return. After that, the most productive efforts take place during the period between 30-90 days past due. Beyond 90 days, recovery percentages start dropping dramatically. In other words: don't delay handing over your company's overdue receivables for professional collection once you see your own efforts aren't bringing the money due.

Don't forget: your company did the work and provided the products and/or services: you deserve the money!!

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